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A new approach to pain recovery

Our physicians use the latest advancements in brain science to help people recover from chronic pain.

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Lin’s Care Model

We provide evidence-based integrated care using the latest behavioral health approaches to pain recovery.

At Lin, you’ll work with a dedicated Pain Recovery Coach who will guide you through a customized care plan, in coordination with your Lin Health physician.

Your care team will also include experts in the fields of interventional pain management, physical therapy, behavioral health, and psychiatry.

Our care is covered by major insurance providers in Texas, Colorado, Florida and Maine.

Lin is in-network with major insurance plans and health systems in select states

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Conditions we treat

If you’ve been told your pain is medically unexplained, if your back or joint pain has not resolved in 3-6 months, or if you have multiple pain disorders, you are a good candidate to work with our team.

We work with people experiencing most chronic pain conditions, including:

Chronic Tendonitis
Strain Injuries
Pelvic Pain
And many

Dr. Shaheen Lakhan, MD
Lin Medical Advisor

Brain-based treatment approaches are the evidence-based recommendation for primary pain conditions

Breakthroughs in pain science have led to a whole new way of understanding and treating chronic pain. A brain-based treatment approach has been clinically proven to be highly effective in treating primary pain conditions.

  • While all pain, ultimately, is mediated by the brain, primary pain is pain that is out of proportion to medical findings. This is a very common condition. In the newest medical codes (ICD-11), many chronic pain conditions have been reclassified as a type of primary pain.

  • Because in primary chronic pain conditions the pain signaling system is over-firing, a brain-based approach that addresses cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns allows us to train our brain to change our experience of pain, and in many cases, reverse it completely.

Our approach is proven to work

In a recent study of chronic low back pain, 98% of people reduced their pain and 66% were pain free at the end of treatment when treated with a brain-first approach (Pain Reprocessing Therapy). [Read]

In another series of studies, a different brain-first treatment (Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy) has been shown to reduce pain levels in patients with chronic pelvic pain, fibromyalgia and medically unexplained symptoms. [Read]

59% of patients who join Lin with medium-to-high pain reduce their pain to low or no pain after six months. And only 1 in 10 patients still regularly experiences high levels of pain.

Real people, real relief

Meet our Providers and Consultants

Tara DiRocco

PT, DPT, Lin Health Coach

Tara DiRocco PT, DPT is a pelvic floor physical therapist passionate about chronic pain and pelvic health. After a career in tropical forest science and agriculture in her early 20's, her struggle with chronic pain and illness led her to yoga teaching, meditation, and ultimately to physical therapy school determined to heal. She takes on the responsibility of patient care and pain coaching with her whole heart, and firmly believes everybody has the power to heal themselves.

Dr. Brad Fanestil

MD, Clinical Advisor & Lin Telehealth Provider

Dr. Fanestil is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced as both a primary care internist and as a hospitalist for most of his career. In 2017, he began researching and learning about new theories in neuroscience - largely supported by functional MRI (fMRI) data - that are beginning to explain the emotional connections between mind and body. After watching many patients improve or resolve their chronic pain problems, he works now at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, which draws upon these new theories to treat chronic pain and other hard-to-treat medical symptoms - without the use of medications.

Abigail Hirsch, PhD

Pain Psychologist & Co-founder

Abigail is a clinical psychologist who specializes in creating digital products that transform lives. She built the first-ever digital relationship support program, Power of Two. As Chief Clinical Officer at myStrength, she helped lead the creation of a digital behavioral health program that was acquired by TeleDoc. Abigail has 4 boys, owns every type of ball from base to moth, and loves to take her bright orange beach bike tooling around in the fields behind her house.

Tara DiRocco


Dr. Emily McCann is a health psychologist with specialty training in treating chronic pain. She has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Iowa. Her approach towards treating chronic pain is empowering individuals to more fully understand the mind-body connection and the ways in which thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact chronic pain and vice versa. She believes that with the right combination of information about chronic pain and the body and evidenced based strategies and tools, people can live their lives unencumbered by chronic pain.

Dr. Jonah Mink

Medical Director

Jonah is a board certified family doctor with expertise in innovative care delivery models and telemedicine. He combines his passion for primary care and cutting edge technology as an advisor and medical director for promising startups. Jonah was drawn to Lin’s novel evidence based approach to treating chronic pain without medication after experiencing first-hand the inability of the standard medical system to appropriately identify and treat chronic pain.

Our approach

The Lin approach is clinically proven to help people recover from chronic pain.

The core pillars of our care model include:

1. Understanding pain and recovery

Reducing pain starts with pain neuroscience education and self-awareness.

2. Shifting cognitive and behavioral patterns

Learn to respond differently to pain through somatic tracking techniques, tools for addressing pain flare-ups, and shifting your avoidance behaviors.

3. Addressing pain triggers

Learn to regulate your nervous system as well as emotions, stress, and thought patterns to promote healing.

4. Replacing pain with the good life

Learn to move safely and confidently again. Cultivate a positive orientation, build resilience, and implement tools for self-care.

5. Empowering people

Make informed and judicious use of medication, imaging, and interventional approaches to pain management.


While we work with many patients taking medications for their pain, Lin Health does not prescribe controlled substances, including opioids.

We will partner with your current providers if a change in medications could be helpful to you.

Lin Health Medical Group Locations

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Not in these states? Consider working with our online pain recovery coaching program available in all 50 states!

Insurance Coverage

Your care at Lin Health Medical Group is covered by insurance. We are committed to helping you understand your insurance coverage and finding the most cost-effective option for your care.

Schedule an intake consultation to determine what your options are at Lin.

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